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Guerra & Associates Consulting International specializes in working with people in organizations and communities to improve their performance by engaging their capacity to learn, change, and implement practices that add value.


What We Do


Professional Member since 1999

Guerra & Associates Consulting International offers services to individuals, teams; and non-governmental, non-profit, and select business organizations.  We incorporate ethical considerations and responsibilities into our overall framework that focuses on praxis or taking action.  We specialize in collaboratively developing actionable strategies for:

  • Improving Personal, Team, and Organizational Performance.
  • Leveraging Organizational Knowledge.
  • Creating Transformative Organizational Cultures.
  • Creating Environments for Learning and Sustainable Development.
  • Managing Organizational Re-Configuration and Work Adjustment.

Contact Information:


Mike Guerra, Ed.D.


2127 Poppy Drive

Burlingame, CA USA 94010



Client Site: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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